Radio signal stable/throughput issue

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Radio signal stable/throughput issue

Непрочитанное сообщение BenjaminJohnson » 16.07.2018 16:46:58


I've got a RB800 loaded with 3 SR-5's. One link in particular is acting quite bizarre in that as long as there is very little to no data flow the throughput seems stable at around 25M-30M as viewed in the wireless tables. Radio signal is in the low 70's with little to no variance. However , once I start pumping any appreciable amount of data across this link , the throughput all but collapses down to double digits. The other end is a brand new HPNs Metal . This has really messed with my head as to why increasing data flow results in drastically diminished throughput . All my other setups are very similar and don't do this. Anyone ever see this behavior and what did you do to correct it. My options are pretty much to change out the board and cards.